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Arthur, Oxford

"the archives were impeccably organised and extremely helpful. I can’t think of any additions that need to be made whatsoever."

Peter, Middlesex

"Thank you for your excellent web site and its encouragement to researchers. My enquiry, based on literally a scrap of evidence, was very promptly and fully answered, solving all my queries. I can commend this excellent service."

Dorothy, Australia

"I would also like to commend you on your web site it was one of the easiest and most informative of many I have encountered."

Roy, Cambridgeshire

"Thank you for such an easy to use, but informative website. I knew very little about AOF, but this site gives clear and concise answers."

Neale, Hampshire

"Thank you very much for taking the time to show us around the Museum. I was amazed at the amount of artifacts and the diversity of the objects on display. If you remember, it took us over two hours to look at the entire exhibition."

Ian, Jedburgh

"Your website is wonderful, now I know what the A O F WAS ALL ABOUT. Thanks."

Celia, Devon

"Many thanks for your help, and I hope the Trust goes from strength to strength. The website is well laid out, and very informative."

Stuart, Ireland

"May I congratulate you and all those responsible for the website. I found it very informative, useful and easy to navigate"

Aravinda, Southampton
"I got fantastic qualitative and quantitative data for our project on the health and morbidity of friendly society members in the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Museum & Archive team were super helpful! I thank all the FHT trust members for their continuous support."
Guy, Leicester

"I found myself interested in the history of the Ancient Order of Foresters after finding an old building in the Leicester city centre bearing the words "Ancient Order of Foresters" above the door in the brickwork This website has helped me gain an insight into this wonderful and historical order. Many thanks,"

Christine, Australia
"Thank you so much for the information - it is so much more than I have been able to discover - Next time I'm in the UK I look forward to visiting your museum - your website is fantastic."
"I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful informative website, the quality of the images and information is first class and has already been of great help to me."
South Africa enquirer ¡°I was delighted to find your web page. Its well done and most informative.¡± 
UK enquirer ¡°I wasn¡¯t sure how the society was run so you have made things a bit clearer for me and I now know the name of the district or ¡®court¡¯ xxxxxx was in.¡± 
USA enquirer ¡°You are doing important work via your foundation in establishing access to a rich and interesting aspect of history. It sounds like a fascinating pursuit.¡±
UK enquirer ¡°Thank you very much for your quick reply and assistance with my enquiry.  The background information about the founding of Court xxxx and its various meeting-places will be most useful.¡±
New Zealand enquirer ¡°I did enjoy reading about the Foresters and still find it fascinating to know that my direct line ancestor was a part of them.¡±            
UK enquirer ¡°Thank you very much for your help. A pity that there are no deposited records, but the details you have sent me about the Courts are interesting.¡±             
Australia enquirer ¡°I appreciate the effort you went to in trying to identify the sash.¡±      
UK enquirer ¡°Many, thanks for your prompt reply to my request for information.  The information will be invaluable and exactly what I required.¡±  

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